I created to document my Halloween Addict Projects to share and advice people on how to and don't on creating work of art and now it's kind of taken off receiving over 10,000 views! Here you can view my life and Projects.

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Houston Glitter Art studio

TV News Stations:

Channel 13 ABC & 39 Newsfix in Houston Texas.


News Paper Media:

Lake Houston, Kingwood, Humble, Atascocita &

Montgomery County Observer

TV Pilot:

I was featured on a series (pilot) called "Art Stars" that was developed for Houston Artist competing against each other in front of 4 judges to win the Title Art Star. I won the competition!


Artist behind all that Glitter..


I have been doing Glitter Art in Houston since mid 2010. I was inspired by Pop Culture Icons & Comics that has brought me to create each glitter masterpiece. Creating Art and making people laugh are my 2 passions in life and I welcome you to a glimpse of what my life is like.


People Ask me, How do you do it with all that glitter in your house?  My answer... Patience! Patience, and acceptance! Once you accept the glitter it will become your friend.. or would the correct term be frenemy?

I really do love it, creating these one of a kind artworks and seeing people's reaction makes it all worth it.

COMING SOON: Gallery & Art Shows will be Announced.